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Thought Leadership is an aspect of marketing that can change the dynamic for a business. From an on-stage environment you can not only share your expertise, but also prequalify your marketing leads often leapfrogging them directly to the decision stage of the funnel. However, there are several aspects that need to occur first to ensure that you are attracting and converting ideal clients. 

Speaker One Sheet

A speaker one sheet is in essence the sales sheet of a speaker. This is a critical component of creating an inbound magnet for a thought leadership campaign. With strategic planning and the use of key inbound methodologies, this asset will live on your website attracting event planners while giving your potential customers more insight into your unique selling position. 

High Value Content Offer

Once you've been booked and they hear you speak, how do you keep them engaged? During your talk you need to verbally, or electronically, offer them a way to learn more or stay in touch. This could be access to a piece of high value content on your site, access to your slide deck, or even just giving them more tips via your newsletter. Whatever the offer is that you share with them, make sure it is ready before your presentation time including any follow-up, lead nurturing campaigns.

These two assets are not quick and easy items. Give yourself plenty of time to create them properly and strategically to achieve better and quicker lead conversions. 

Looking to build your thought leadership campaign? We have a blog post to help you with that, click below and let's get you booked on a stage soon!

Create a Digital Speaker One Sheet

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