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All last week our team and 30,000 of our closest friends attended INBOUND 19 in Boston, MA. It is always one event that we look forward to each year because of all the energy, ideas, and content that come out of it. This year was no different.


Collectively our team attended over 100 sessions on everything from more effectively running an agency to Instagram tips to email marketing. It was...well...exhausting.

There were a ton of takeaways from these sessions (and we're still digesting everything), but one thing that stood out was an idea that we heard from Marcus Sheridan of The Sales Lion and River Pools & Spas. 

Marcus is all about experience and giving prospects what they're looking for. One thing that he talked about was taking the fear out of filling out a form. Think about it - when you get to a form on a website, as a consumer you're fearful. You're wondering if they're going to bombard you with a million emails, if they're going to call you nonstop, and if they're going to end up standing on your front lawn throwing pebbles at your bedroom window while holding a boom box on their shoulder. Ok - that last one is maybe a little less likely.

In order to combat this fear, Marcus and his team at River Pools and Spas decided to create a video squashing all of those fears. They tell you EXACTLY what is going to happen once you fill out that form. What a cool idea! Being transparent and open about their processes has increased the conversion rate on their forms by 60%!

Check out the example from their Request Pricing landing page:

Screen Shot 2019-09-09 at 10.01.41 AM

Now that is something we're definitely going to steal and use for ourselves and recommend for our clients. What about you?

Stay tuned for more updates from INBOUND19 through our Gettin' Buzz'd podcast, blog, and monthly newsletter!

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