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Public relations is a great way to increase exposure for your business by utilizing the media to share newsworthy content and information. However, this isn’t as easy now as it was in previous decades. With journalism positions being cut and the list of job duties being increased, there are more businesses pitching stories to fewer number of journalists and publications.

This is why your public relations strategy needs to be working double duty. By including inbound aspects to your newsworthy, well-written press releases they can also increase SEO and attract both prospects and journalists to your website. Boilerplates play a key role in this process. 

A boilerplate is a standardized, short, 'About Us' informational paragraph that lives at the bottom of every press release. It includes a company’s key facts and messages, and sometimes physical location. This is a great place to include accolades and your top keywords as well as a beneficial or educational call-to-action. However, these should be short, concise add-on aspects to a release and should be less than 100 words -- shorter than 50 words if possible. 

Your boilerplate should remain the same for all releases unless it needs updating for recent accolades, physical location change, or to include a new educational CTA. These boilerplate aspects will add inbound techniques into your press releases that create a magnetic force when you share them on your website. 

A properly crafted boilerplate is just one element of an Inbound PR strategy. You can create inbound leads with these must-have inbound PR elements.

Must-Have Elements of an Inbound Press Release

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